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Nature's Window produces natural delivery systems for your Home Fragrance.  Our handcrafted organic potpourri, garlands and wreaths deliver beautiful scents into any space, without smoke, flame, simmering, plug-ins or even an electric diffuser. Completely natural and organic, our products are simply more environmentally responsible and safer to use for Home Fragrance.

Over recent years, advertisers have confused consumers about fragrance and essential oils.  While some product lines say they offer essential oils, those companies may 
claim "it is" if they contain even a small % of essential oil in them.  That is NOT an essential oil.  Plus, though essentials may be used in home fragrance products, many do not "throw" much fragrance, and are truly intended more for self-care and body products.


Nature's Window Refresher Oils offer a safe and natural alternative.  Our Refresher Oils are an organic blend of the fruit/spice/fragrance that they are. They are not sterile as essentials are, but may actually be stronger for home fragrance, depending on the individual oil.  They are not intended for consumption or body, though some are, perfectly safe to add to body products.

(see notes in oils descriptions)


We are reminded every day how important it is for all of us to do our share in taking

care of the environment.  The Home Fragrance industry is a great example of one thing we can control to help the environment.  So let us break the cycle of filling our spaces with unhealthy toxins, smoke, soot and dangerous plug-ins, slow the growth of the gigantic piles of nonrecyclable plastics and jar candles, etc. out of landfills! 

Hang Nature's Window "Potpourri on a String" Garlands and Wreaths or fill a bowl of our Potpourri with your favorite scent and enjoy your Home Fragrance, NATURALLY.


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