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We are excited to present our Exclusive Potpourri Blends.  Currently, we are offering Orange Blossom, Spa Day and Lemon Verbena blends with Apple Annie and Applejack to be introduced in the very near future.  Our potpourri costs $18 plus shipping and handling. 

We highly recommend that you purchase a refresher oil when you purchase our potpourri.  Refresher Oils run $12 per bottle plus shipping and handling.  
Orange Blossom Potpourri
Orange_Blossom_3755 (2).jpg
Curated and mixed botanicals combined in an orange and brown potpourri scented with our Orange Blossom Refresher Oil.  Approximately 12 ounces per bag.
                 Applejack Cinnamon Potpourri
Applejack_3799 (2).jpg
Our Applejack Potpourri is a blend of dehydrated apples, seeds, nut, pods and bay leaves.  Scented with our Applejack (cinnamon refresher oil.
Lemon Verbena Potpourri
IMG-2518 (3).jpg
Curated and mixed botanicals combined in a yellow potpourri.  Bright and beautiful.  Scented with our Lemon Verbena Refresher Oil
Apple Annie Potpourri
Apple Annie Potpourri is a combination of dehydrated apples, bay leaves, pods, nuts, seeds and herbs.  Scented with our Apple Annie fragrance.  
Spa Day Potpourri
IMG_3746 (1).jpg
Curated and mixed botanicals combined with brown and yellow potpourri accented with aqua pods.  Scented with our Spa Day Refresher Oil  
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