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  Refresher Oils
Nature's Window Refresher Oils are my favorite collection of organic blend fragrant oils.  Each hand poured 1oz bottle of our Refresher Oils is enough oil to refresh potpourri for months.  With no additives or dilutions, each blend is bright, fresh and can be used as light or as strong as desired by how many spritz per application.  With natural scents that last, Nature's Window Refresher Oils cannot be matched.
Current Collection:
Orange Blossom - smells just like a "freshly squeezed orange"
Lemon Verbena is scent combination of herb and citrus
  Spa Day - Very green and pungent herbal and grassy fragrance with a light eucalyptus was designed as a fragrance that helps you to relax
Applejack is our cinnamon refresher oil.  Very popular.  Apple Annie is a wonderful fragrance that smells like fresh cut apples.  Finally, our Fresh Lavender Oil is a favorite of those who love lavender.  Each Refresher Oil costs $12 per bottle plus shipping and handling.
Orange Blossom Refresher Oil
An Online Customer Favorite.  Orange is the most deodorizing fragrance in Nature, AND it's the "HAPPY" fragrance.  Our Orange Oil is an organic blend, clean and vibrant fresh squeezed orange scent. 
Applejack Cinnamon Refresher Oil
Applejack Refresher Oil.jpg
A customer favorite.  A blend of cinnamon sticks, cinnamon leaves and cinnamon spice.  
Lemon Verbena Refresher Oil
Our lemon verbena is a beautifully bright herbal fragrance with a hint of lemon scent, very uplifting.  
Apple Annie Refresher Oil
IMG-0611 (1).jpg
As opposed to our "cinnamon Applejack, Apple Annie is a bright new fragrance of freshly sliced apples, straight from the orchard!!
                Spa Day Refresher Oil
Spa Day.  It is a bright, green, herbal fragrance with a hint of eucalyptus, very fresh and aromatic.  
Fresh Lavender Refresher Oil
Our Lavender Oil is the Best!!  It is a very 
concentrated essential oil with camphor, very 
therapeutic and relaxing.
    Christmas Tree Refresher Oil
Our Christmas Tree Fragrance is a blend of Balsam Fir and Cedar oils.  The perfect holiday fragrance. 
We also inventory Red Current, Berry Bliss and Strawberry Flavor Refresher Oils.  Please contact to order.
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